Moruca residents decry state of roads; contractor blamed for substandard, untimely delivery of work


By Kurt Campbell

The current state of the road which students have to traverse on a daily basis.
The current state of the road which students have to traverse on a daily basis.

[] – Residents of Moruca, Region One, particularly the parents of children who traverse the San Jose Bridge to get to school have decried the state of the road leading to the bridge.

iNews received images and video footage from residents in the area which confirmed allegations that the road is almost impassable.

They claimed that it was as a result of substandard works done by one contractor which have worsened in light of the current downpour of rain.

When contacted on Thursday (January 16) Region One Chairman Paul Pierre confirmed reports of substandard works and delays in the completion of the road on the part of the contractor.

He told iNews via telephone that a contract to the tune of $28M was awarded to the contractor in late 2012 for the revetment of the bridge and road and that the work was expected to have been completed in 2013.

Pierre said there was a lapse in the timely completion of the work which resulted from a review of the design that was carried out at the level of the Ministry and on the part of the contractor.

He said at this point approximately 75% of the work has been completed which was stalled with the advent of the rainy season.

An additional $15M was added to the contract after the review, bringing the contract to a total of $43M.

Pierre said the RDC share the concern of residents and its engineering department is currently at work to ensure corrective action is taken.

According to the Chairman, a catwalk was built to assist residents and students to traverse the road, however there are reports that this has also collapsed.

Pierre said boats are also being used to transports school children by river three times daily and residents can expect to see works moving along soon.



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