Moruca murder suspect allegedly attacks, chops detective while making arrest  

Dead: Cynthia Cozier

A Police officer was allegedly attacked and chopped while attempting to arrest the man who killed one of his sisters and inflicted injuries to another and her son in Moruca, North West District (NWD). The incident occurred on Thursday evening.

The Police officer has been identified as Clyde Hazelwood. He was chopped to his left hand and was rushed to the Moruca Cottage Hospital where he is presently being treated. Nevertheless, the police officer with the assistance of others reportedly managed to apprehend the suspected.

He remains in custody and is expected to be charged shortly.

The perpetrator, Randy Cozier who is reportedly of unsound mind was wanted for the murder of his sister, Cynthia Cozier and attempted murder another, Beverly France and her eight-month-old son, Kevin of Moruca, NWD.

It was reported that the two sisters prevented him from hitting the child and this reportedly angered him. He then armed himself with a cutlass and attacked the woman and baby.

Following the chopping, Cynthia Cozier succumbed while receiving medical attention at the Suddie Public Hospital while her sister and son are reportedly in a stable condition.