More needed to tackle crime – Private Sector

Overhead shot of Guyana

The Private Sector Commission believes that more needs to be done to deal with the crime situation in the country.

See full statement from the PSC below:

The Governance and Security Committee of the Private Sector Commission met yesterday (May 29, 2019) to address the increasing and wide-spread public concern over the manifestly frightening and disturbing incidents of violent crime across the country.

The Committee decided to request a joint meeting with the Minister of Public Security and Commissioner of Police on the matter.

While the Private Sector Commission acknowledges the most recent success of the police in confronting violent crime in Berbice and recognises the continuing efforts of the police to meet this growing challenge threatening the safety and wellbeing of every citizen, the Commission believes that much more can and should be done to meet this challenge.

The Commission is deeply concerned that insufficient progress is being made with regards to the implementation of Security Sector Reform.

The Commission believes that there is considerable room for enhancement in intelligence gathering and analysis than is currently in place.

The Commission is convinced of the need for significantly greater human and financial resources being placed at the disposal of the Police Force.

The Commission believes that there is a much greater need for public confidence and trust in the Police Force. 

The Commission looks forward to a strong and uncompromising standard of leadership in our security forces.