More foreign nationals bringing illicit drugs to Guyana – CANU


Foreign nationals involved in the narco-trade are no longer relying on their Guyanese counterparts to transport the illicit substances and deliver them to buyers, according to Deputy Head of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), Lesley Ramlall.

Ramlall revealed that the foreigners are now coming to Guyana themselves to sell the illegal drugs.

He also noted that in developed countries where there has been the legalisation of cannabis, more  cultivation is taking place in those parts of the world, and it is having impacts on Guyana’s fight against the narco-trade.

According to Ramlall, in light of the legalisation of marijuana in some first world countries, there is the occurrence of more foreigners from those countries being linked to supplying quantities of that substance to Guyana.

This, he says, is another trend that his Unit has noticed that is emerging in Guyana.

Ramlall was at the time speaking during the opening of a new building at CANU’s Headquarters on Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown.

He explained that the Unit is in a better position to work towards achieving the goal of making Guyana no longer a drug transshipment point in the Caribbean by 2022. [Kristen Macklingam]