More flooding expected if rain continues – Agri Ministry


flood[]The Ministry of Agriculture is advising that the Hydromet Office has recorded  rains of intensity between 12 to 20 mm per hour over the Atlantic and a strip of the coast in the area around  Region 4 and Region 5 adjoining lands.

“If this persists we may have accumulation of water as was recorded on November 26 in areas listed,” the Agriculture Ministry noted.

According to the Hydromet office, Region 6 may also experience heavy showers. The Ministry of Agriculture is urging all persons to take precautionary measures as the situation continues to be closely monitored.

“This intensity is highly abnormal. In 2005, heavy periods of rain averaged about 7 mm per hour.” The Ministry noted that given high levels of water in canals flooding will be expected if rain systems move onto coast, particularly Georgetown.



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