More “first-class hotels” for Guyana – Ali


Highlighting the importance of major foreign direct investments in Guyana, Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) says as president, he will work to ensure that more first-class hotels are developed in the country.

Ali made the disclosure during a public meeting at Industry, East Coast Demerara (ECD) on Friday night.

He said his government would provide incentives so that at least four more “new first-class hotels” are established.

Ali told the huge gathering that the opening of these businesses will result in the creation of job opportunities for scores of Guyanese.

“And to support the industry we recognise that we have to have training. We recognise that we have to have the right set of skill set so that you will be equipped to benefit from that opportunity. Therefore, we are going to build a first-class international hospitality institute to train the young people and to train our people to get the jobs,” Ali explained.

“We are going to make the training and certification from this centre free of cost. The (PPP/C) Government will make this investment on behalf of you to create that opportunity because for us we understand the world is changing and education is a business but we want to create educational facilities that are linked to economic empowerment. Educational facilities that are linked to job creation, educational facilities that are linked to the improvement of life,” Ali added.

The APNU/AFC coalition Government, prior to taking office in 2015, had criticised the PPP/C Administration for investing in the Guyana Marriott Hotel, citing that the building was a “white elephant” and a waste of taxpayers’ monies, but now that tune has changed and the hotel is deemed as “too profitable” to be sold.