More delays mar declaration of elections results


GENERAL[] –The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) says it is quite aware of the anxiety
that prevails at this time in relation to the final declaration of the 2015 elections results but legal processes have to be followed before such is done.

According to the Commission, “relative to the process of declaring the results, those results have now been declared by the respective Returning Officers for the ten Electoral Districts. However, parties may raise objections by midday of the day after the last of the ten declaration.”

 “For that reason, since the last declaration was made this morning, Friday May 15, 2015, the Commission has to wait until noon on Saturday May 16, 2015 before it can pronounce on a final declaration. This is the law,” a GECOM statement noted.

The Commission is said it is  “therefore asking the public to bear with it until midday of Saturday May 16, 2015, before it advises on the next stage of the declaration of results.”



  1. The media continues to report of tension amonst the populace – I live here and I truly beg to differ. Yes things are calm and definitely not edgy in that persons are carrying on in a cool and justified manner.

  2. don”t give up Donald those votes are rightfully yours and they have to listen because your supporters are 100% behind you. Recount in 15 days are our rights.

  3. There is not an issue of Peace at all ! It is about fulfilling and establishing the elements of a democratic process. If fake SOPs and possibly ballots were used then it must be thoroughly investigated, confirm that no stone is left unturned and make a final decision which will not be challenged in the court for those reasons. I prefer to await than be governed by a Group that has rigged themselves into a majority !!!! What say you ?


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