More attention needed to tackle problems facing the ‘boy child’ – iNews Poll


pie chart[]Following a week of voting, participants of the iNews Poll voted that society is not giving adequate attention to the unique problems facing the ‘boy child.’

In response to the question – “Is society giving adequate attention to the unique problems facing the ‘boy child’?” 87 percent voted ‘no’, nine percent in favour and a mere four percent were undecided.

A recent article noted that for some time now, school boards, Ministries of Education, and the popular media have been expressing concerns about failing boys and how best to meet their needs, framing these concerns in terms of a crisis in which boys are often cast as the “new disadvantaged”.

Statistics are often used to draw comparisons and to highlight the plight of boys. It is well known that boys have higher suspension and expulsion rates, as well as higher dropout rates, and that boys’ literacy scores on standardized tests are lower than those of girls.

As reported in the Globe and Mail series, there is a sense that “the pendulum has swung too far” in favour of girls. In fact, conveyed in such media reports is a perception that boys are being “disregarded” and left to “find their own way in a feminized education system.”



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