Moneybag snatched from vehicle in front Sparendaam Police Station


By Leroy Smith

money-bag[] – The police on the East Coast of Demerara are investigating the circumstances under which a bag of money was removed from a canter truck while the driver and porter were engaged with police ranks in front of the Sparendaam Police Station.

iNews has been informed that the police were at the moment conducting a stop and search anti-crime exercise in front of the station.

The driver of the canter was called out of the vehicle by the police who proceeded to question him about documents pertaining to the vehicle.

The porter who was traveling with the man at the time reportedly told investigators that while the driver was being questioned by the police, two men in shirt jacks approached and informed him that the police needed to see him also.

The porter said that he exited the vehicle and went to the police and when he returned to the vehicle the bag with the money was missing. Unconfirmed reports are suggesting that the money is said to be $2 million.

The men did not report the matter to the Sparendaam police where the incident reportedly took place but drove several miles to the headquarters of the ‘C’ Division where the matter was then reported.

Sources close to the police told iNews that the description the porter gave for the persons who came and instructed him that the police was calling him does not match anyone employed by the force at Sparendaam.

In Addition, there were no Criminal Investigation Department ranks at the station at the time the incident occurred since they were engaged in a meeting where they were being introduced to the new divisional detective who began working in the division effective today.

The matter is presently under investigation by the police.



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