‘Money Changers’ robbed by heavily armed men


crime scene[www.inewsguyana.com] – Three ‘Money Changers’ on America Street, Georgetown are lucky to be alive after gunmen snatched millions of dollars from them on Tuesday night (November 03) while firing shots in the air.

iNews was informed that a group of armed men rode up on motorcycles, approached the businessmen and fired several shots in the air, before escaping with the loot. No one was injured during the daring robbery.

Police investigations are ongoing and iNews will bring you more details as it becomes available.



  1. The TERROR of the New PNC Regime has just begun.
    You voted for them,,,so now you have to live with them..
    Soon Guyana will become a “Failed State”

  2. The police needs to pull in all CG motorcycles, and carry out an investigation on the owners. Yes I do understand that the innocent will be inconvenience, but it is the best way to go. Most of the robberies are committed with users of the CG motorcycles. It is time now that the Police with the help of the army get the crime under control. I hope the magistrates and judges are seeing what is happening to our country. I blame the justice system . This cannot continue.

  3. This is now comical…the threat to Guyanese safety and security is greater from within the country….however the government sees it fit to engage in jungle exercises to keep Venezuela scared. They should utilize the armed forces to keep the animals from violating innocent, hard working people. Allow the people to live!

    That said, the government stated categorically that the GDF will not be engaging with the local police to solve/prevent crime. What goes?

    How about those damn bikes? Those folks should be informed that the police will conduct spot checks on anyone riding those bikes. And AK47’s??? Gun amnesty????

  4. These dictators did change Guyana from being a peaceful nation ..to a wild wild wild south ..bikers gang rules things ..rice deal sell out .lost the petro Carib deal ..hungry broke dictators going after riçh people wealth ,..Guyana going down

  5. I wonder what happen to all them POLIZE,,,that does watch over with them guns, and what about the so-call GUN MEN that lime right Da,,,KRIME is worse than 2003 to 2006 PPP failed but I am speechless to even discuss this headless swarm of bed bugs APconfu


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