Mon Repos vendors will be fully compensated; destructors will face the full consequences of the law’ – Pres. Ali

President Dr Irfaan Ali at Mon Repos, ECD

President Dr Irfaan Ali is currently on the ground at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara (ECD) where he is meeting with those vendors whose stalls and vehicles were destroyed by groups of persons who are purportedly protesting the police killing of 23-year-old Quindon Bacchus.

“First of all, what was done was completely wrong. There is absolutely no excuse for it. The Commissioner of Police is here and we have made it very clear, that, first of all, those who are responsible for this must be brought to justice,” President Ali told scores of persons who gathered at the location.

“They must face the full consequence of the law…this nonsense has to stop,” the Guyanese Leader contended.

“Everyone has the right for their voice to be heard, but no one has the right to loot and destroy, that is totally against the law,” he added.

“I want to assure you that, you will be fully compensated,” President Ali further committed.

“Those who cause the harm must and will be brought justice, that is important…I am here directly to assure of the things that are possible, I am asking you stop the violence and stay calm.”

President Ali was asked about a permanent solution to bring an end to these types of actions in the country, to which he responded, “when we are finished with this event, I am going to come to the community to meet with you all.”