Mon Repos family seeks assistance after fire


The Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara family whose home was ravaged by flames on Thursday afternoon, which also saw the death of a child who was trapped in the building, is seeking assistance from the public to help them recuperate from the disaster.

Mala Rampersaud, who lost her child during the tragedy, told <<<Inews>>> that the nine persons who were rendered homeless are staying with neighbours and are receiving assistance from persons within the community.

“We’re currently staying at our neighbour right next door. Whatever the neighbours bring and give us, we’re accepting. We’re asking the public that whatever they give, we will accept,” Rampersaud noted.

She noted that the Guyana Fire Service is yet to determine the cause of the fire, and they were told that another investigative visit will be made on Monday.

“They did not say what cause it. They say they will come on Monday again,” she said.
According to the woman, her four-year-old daughter who survived the fire is not aware of the situation that her brother died, and has been constantly asking for him.

Nine persons were left homeless after the fire started at about 02:00h at the Lot 83 Agriculture Road house.

Mahin Rampersaud, who is almost two years old, was sleeping in the upper flat of the two-storied house when neighbours were alerted by thick, dark smoke emanating from the house and immediately raised an alarm.

However, by the time public-spirited persons rushed to the scene to rescue the children, the little boy was already consumed in the flames. They managed to save his sister, who escaped unhurt, along with other family members.

While the upper flat of the concrete and wooden structure was completely destroyed, a section of the lower flat was saved but has water damage.

The children were at home with their grandmother who was unsuccessful in her attempts to render assistance to the toddler when she realised that the building was on fire.


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