Mohamed Ferouz A.A. honoured for outstanding, dedicated service to Islam


Bearing testimony to the caliber of the person he is, politicians, religious leaders, friends and family members gathered on Sunday October 1, 2017, at the Muslim Youth Organisation (MYO) in Woolford Avenue to honour Al-Hajj Fazeel Mohamed Ferouz A.A. for his outstanding and dedicated service to Islam and the Guyanese community at large.

(L) Azad Ibrahim (President of MYO), Wazir Baksh (GIT rep), Nazar Mohamed (Mohamed’s Enterprise), Irfan Ali (MP), Khakan Ramjohn (CIOG General Manager), Dr Bharat Jagdeo (Opposition Leader), Fazeel Ferouz (President of CIOG and person we honoured), Imran Ally (Senior Vice President of MYO), Shaheed Mohamed (Imaam of Queenstown Jama Masjid), Pastor Ronald Mc Garrell (Chairman of Inter Religious Organization), Br. Alvin (Regional Vice President of CIOG-Region # 6), Shaykh Abdool Hafeez (CIOG Representative), Shafeek Ferouz ( Managing Director of Twins Manufacturing Chemists), Omar Shamshudeen (Former Executive of MYO).

In honoring Al-Hajj Fazeel, the MYO in a statement said it  “recognized one of Guyana’s most illustrious sons and one of the iconic figures of Islam in our country. This is a man who did not just leave his mark on Islam in Guyana, he literally shaped it to what it is today, one of the largest religious groupings in Guyana. This is a man who for over four decades gave yeoman service to a cause he believed in, the upliftment of all Guyanese regardless of race or religion. The presence and tributes made by no less than the Former President His Excellency, Dr Bharat Jagdeo, Former Minister Irfaan Ali, Pastor Ronald Mc Garrell, Wazir Baksh of the Guyana Islamic Trust, Shabir Hussein of the Muslim Youth League, businessman Nazar Mohammed  among countless others is testament to this.”

According to the MYO, Al-Hajj Fazeel was among the pioneers in sending young Muslims to pursue studies in India, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia. Additionally, Guyana, the Muslim Community and particularly the CIOG were being recognized globally by Organisations across the Middle East, North America and Europe who were contributing towards the upliftment of all Guyanese not just the Muslim Community.

“Al Hajj Fazeel acted as glue which held the Muslim Community together. He was very much aware that our strength was our deepest source of unity. He was a keen proponent of interfaith dialogue aimed at promoting understanding, tolerance and appreciation of other religions” said the MYO.

Moreover, the Organization described Ferouz A.A. as a father figure who came from humble beginnings, achieved greatness but never once lost the common touch. “He was man of profound depth, a teacher of Islam, a guide and a mentor to many.  As a public figure he served and gave distinguished service. We must never forget that. He never quit struggling for a better life for all. Two words epitomize Al-Hajj Fazeel; altruistic and patient.”

In paying tribute, the MYO requested that  “Allah continue to Bless Al-Hajj Fazeel Mohamed Ferouz A.A.”


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