MoH hosts 2nd drive-thru vaccination campaign at National Stadium  

Persons in a queue waiting to take their jabs

The COVID-19 drive through vaccination campaign at the Guyana National Stadium Providence, had quite a decent turnout today despite the rain.

The objective of this campaign was to make COVID-19 vaccines more accessible and convenient for citizens, as well as to increase the immunization rate.

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony who was at the venue explained that he is pleased with the turnout despite the inclement weather.

One person taking the vaccine from the comfort of their car

“I think so far it has been extremely well, despite the rain earlier, we’ve seen a lot of people coming out, they were all queuing in their cars in the rain and the staff here has been doing a tremendous job.”

The Minister stated that although he cannot give an exact number of persons who would have taken the jab since the initiative started at 9:00h, he can attest from what he has seen, several persons would have already taken the vaccines.

“We are constantly evaluating this method… this seems to be a very popular way of people getting vaccinated and if this is what people want, then certainly we would like to accommodate them, but let’s see this is just the second such exercise we’ve been doing the first one with more than 1000 doses was quite successful and we are hoping today that we can get the numbers much higher, we are hopeful that we can get about 1500 doses today.”

Persons in a queue waiting to take their jabs

One person who took the vaccine stated that the process was painless and that he is very thankful to receive it. As such, he encouraged others to get their vaccines.

“I just thankful for the injection because it is about my life and if anybody else don’t care about them own you all try there and plus the needle didn’t hurt…”

Another citizen related that it was her first dose and encouraged persons who are not vaccinated as yet to do so. She explained that the vaccine is not something to be afraid of. The woman added that she was once afraid to take the jab but at the end, it was harmless.