MoE places student who beat teacher on 4-month bond

Headteacher, Gangadai Sebarat-Isaacs

Following an incident on December 1, 2018, involving the head teacher (ag) of No 5 Primary School, Gangadai Sebarat-Isaacs and a Grade 11 student of Number 8 Secondary School, the Education Ministry met with the male student and his mother during which the student proffered a different version of what transpired between himself and the head teacher.

As such, he submitted a written report giving his version of what took place on the day of the incident. However, in the presence of his mother, he was placed on a school bond by the Schools’ Welfare Department and more so, he is required to attend counselling sessions every Wednesday for the next four months.

Headteacher, Gangadai Sebarat-Isaacs

In a missive, the Education Ministry stated that it will continue to monitor the child and the situation even as the matter continues to engage the attention of the Police.

“The Ministry of Education is not in a position to comment further on this matter since this incident is now engaging the attention of the Police and the court,” the release added.
It was reported that the teacher had to seek medical attention after she was attacked and beaten by the student. Sebarat-Isaacs was on her way home when the incident occurred.

The teenager reportedly bumped into her son and then pushed her to the ground. He then bent over and kissed her on her lips.

“He go to do it again and I spit. I don’t know if the spit catch him but with that, he start cuffing me. He cuff me on my face… right now my whole face hurting, my head hurting, my teeth hurting, my skin what he cuff and so hurting…”, the teacher recalled.

The matter was first called at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court but the teenager was not present in court to answer the charge. As such, a court summons was served for him to appear in court on December 12, 2018, when the case was be called for the second time.
On December 12, the matter was called for the second time and the young man was ordered to return to court on January 9.



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