“mo fyah, slow fyah” – Rohee lashes out at Opposition

Leader of the APNU, David Granger.
Leader of the APNU, David Granger.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has accused the main opposition political party – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – of waging a psychological warfare on the Guyanese people.

In a statement the Minister said “they can’t beat the PPP/C Administration neither on the social, or the economic front, so they are bashing the security sector for political reasons” adding that “their cloven hoves have been exposed in respect of all the Government of Guyana flagship projects; their duplicity, their double standards etc; stands bare for all to see.”

However within Minutes of this statement being made public, Opposition Leader David Granger in a response has rejected such an assertion by Minister Rohee. “I’m waging a war to ensure Guyana becomes a safer society” he said.

Granger added that the APNU stands firm in its calls for President Donald Ramotar to revoke Rohee’s appointment as Home Affairs Minister, claiming that under his leadership there has been a collapse in public safety and security, “it is his fault not mine” he added.

However Minister Rohee did not stop short at bashing the APNU he said the Alliance for Change’s (AFC) credibility has been shattered beyond repair.

He accused both the APNU and AFC of working overtime to create the impression that the PPP/C Administration has failed.  “In effect it is they who are failing. No one is buying their propaganda line, save, maybe a few of their supporters” Rohee stated.

“The APNU is going nowhere with their selective sniping at Government’s developmental projects.  Their non-delivery on promises to their supporters and constant threats such as; “we can’t go on like this for five years” and the assertion that:  “they (Government) will have to accept the consequences” are aimed at fanning the flames reminiscent of “mo fyah, slow fyah”” Rohee added.

He said it is a well established fact that the Opposition Parties have links with criminal elements and use these criminal elements in the past and in more recent times to create mayhem Guyana. “Such close ties with criminal elements place the Opposition on the side of the criminal enterprise and against those who are working to improve security and fighting crime in the country” he said.

With regard to security sector Rohee said, neither Granger nor APNU Parliamentary and Shadow Security Minister Winston Felix has anything to offer. “They have nothing new to tell us.  They are barren, they are sailing.  All they do is to condemn, criticise, denigrate and personalize the issues..  They have nothing positive or constructive to suggest.   They simply rehash and regurgitate what is already taking place in the Security Sector.”

“Between Granger and Felix it is like “the blind leading the blind”. Minister Rohee said.

He concluded that the denials from the Opposition camp in respect to responsibility for any breakdown in Law and Order have been too frequent and too strong not to attract suspicion.

He said “something is definitely “cooking” and we are on to it.”

Over the last two weeks the Opposition and Government have sought to blame each other for the apparent escalation in criminal activity.



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