Missing Parika Taxi Driver found dead in Berbice

Dead: Sherlon Dalloo
Dead: Sherlon Dalloo
Dead: Sherlon Dalloo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The worst fears of the family of 33 – year – old Sherlon Dalloo, were confirmed on Sunday morning (November 01) when his decomposed body was found in Berbice.

iNews was reliably informed that the Taxi Driver’s body was found in a canal at Fort Wellington, Berbice at approximately 06:30 hrs with marks of violence. His remains were positively identified by his brother.

iNews was informed that a torched Fielder Wagon was also found in the area and according to residents, the car was reportedly burnt in the area on Saturday night.

Dalloo, of Parika, East Bank Essequibo, was last seen on October 26, when he told his mother he was taking some passengers to Mahaica, East Coast of Demerara.

He was never seen or heard from since. His car, HB 8729, a silver-grey Toyota 212 has not been found. Dalloo usually solicits passengers at the Parika Stelling.




  1. Vey sad, this guy is from my home town and its very very sad, more and more crimes are happening and nothing is being done, this is all you will hear about this after the funeral you hear nothing else, no one will follow this, even if some one know anything they are scared to tell the police because they are scared for their own lives because the cops don’t keep info as anonymous.

    Sad for the love ones!!

  2. What is Rum Jattan doing about the Crime situation in the Country.Can’t he see or he needs to replace that cock-eye with a better eye.Maybe those eyes cound see the Rum bottles better!

  3. How many more? What is the BAD MAN from the security office doing,what is the COP doing? What happened to the large group of people who DEMANDED the resignation of Gadraj? Are the people who shouted out for Rohee to go still alive ? The citizens need to take a very strong stance and demand service from both the minister and the COP,,this shit is out of control,too many people suffering and nothing is being done, SHAMEFUL

  4. What is the Minister of Public Security doing about the crime situation in Guyana, just sitting idling, is every day there is a crime … Where are we heading Mr. ramjattan…..


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