Missing 13-year-old was kidnapped, raped & killed


-Suspects confess 

Almost one week after a 13-year-old boy, Leonard Archibald, of Brother’s Village went missing, police were able to extract a confession from two men who claimed that they kidnapped the young man.

He was subsequently raped and his unconscious body tossed into the Berbice river.

Killed: Leonard Archibald

According to Police, after confessing, the two male adults led detectives to the area where they dumped the child’s body and hid his bicycle.

Last Sunday evening, sisters of the 13-year-old said they were returning home from a birthday party when their brother rode ahead, leaving them behind. They noted that upon arriving home, Archibald was nowhere to be found.

As such, the family members and police launched a thorough search in the area for the young child, but to no avail.

Scores of residents gathered after news on Saturday that the body was found

Information received led ranks to two suspects- who are said to be known child predators- and they were taken in for questioning.

The search party that found the body

Police reportedly found the 13-year-old’s bicycle at the back of the one of the suspects’ home in Sister’s Village, Berbice.

Investigations are continuing.


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