Ministry of Labour staff cries foul over non-promotion


By Jomo Paul

GPSU Vice President Mortimer Livan and Norris Witter. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A disgruntled Ministry of Labour employee is seeking to have some issues with respect to an internal job promotion reviewed since it is believed that the worker was overlooked for the post when the opportunity presented itself.

First Vice President of the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU), Mortimer Livan at a press conference on Thursday, March 12 chronicled the events that led up to the non-promotion pointing out that the union sees it as a grave injustice being meted out to the public servant.

This injustice according to the union was “meted out in a correspondence in the name of the Secretary of the Public Service Commission (PSC), in collusion with some members of that commission.”

According to Livan, the issue stemmed from a Labour and Occupational Safety and Health Officer being ear marked for a job over his senior counterpart but an official complaint to the Minister of Labour had stopped that appointment.

However, on another occasion, both of the aforementioned employees applied for the same job and none were successful; instead three other staff members were promoted to Senior Labour and Occupational Safety and Health Officers.

But according to Livan after four years and four attempts neither of the two persons was elevated to the post. He noted that this was due primarily because there was a lot of “political manoeuvring” which would influence the outcome of its procedures.

“Short listing for interviews appear to be sometimes done on the bias and or nepotism and not always based on criteria,” said Livan.