Ministerial pay hike “long overdue” – Fmr PSC Chairman

The David Granger administration.

By Jomo Paul

Former Chairman of the PSC, Gerald Gouveia
Former Chairman of the PSC, Gerald Gouveia

[] – While the government has been at the receiving end of scathing criticisms over the increase of salaries for Ministers and Parliamentarians, one member of the private sector says that the move is a good one.

Veteran Pilot and former Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Gerry Gouveia told reporters during an interview on Tuesday, October 20 that while the timing for the move may not have been the best, he actually believes the government made an excellent decision.

“I actually believe that it is long overdue… I think we must pay our leaders adequate salaries for them to live and then we can judge them by the work they produce,” said Captain Gouveia.

He acknowledged that the move was made a mere four months after the coalition was voted into office but he still has no problem with the controversial increases.

“So the fact that it happened so quickly, the timing may have been a challenge, but I would say that I really don’t have an objection to an increase of salaries cause I want them to be able to perform,” the former PSC Chairman said.

The David Granger administration.
The David Granger administration.

With the increases, Gouveia says that public servants should now expect more from Government Officials in terms of the quality of work.

“Now we can judge them by the results they deliver to us. Now they can understand and have a better appreciation that they must support salary increase across the board for our public servants but I have no problem taking care of our Ministers and paying them proper salaries,” Gouveia said.



  1. some old fool sure as hell filled your head up with some good propaganda which you are blurting back out like if you know something for real. jerry is self-made and does not have to blog bilge for a few dollars more.

  2. you can’t even support yourself and you’re on here behaving like a clown. a whole pack of doomsayers is what this forum has attracted – all ppp sourpusses. ya’ll blow off steam before you burst. bunch of losers!

  3. Gerry said while the timing was bad, the decision was still excellent? This is the walking contradiction the private sector has produced. The timing is everything at this point, but the coalition made its decision, which is the worst of the few in its five short months in office.

  4. Is this justification for such blatant action of a bunch of foxes that highly lack the intelligence to take a country forward?
    Aren’t all servants people who deserve a decent pay to live a comfortable life.?How can we call this justice and try to defend it with no acceptable reason.? This gov’t will be short lived.people aren’t stupid and blind at the same time.

  5. When the donkey cart economy collapses under the weight of excessive bureaucratic expenditure, it is the workers and the poor who will suffer the most. Gerry and other businessmen will bawl when the tax levels rise astronomically to support the government’s cadillac lifestyle. Who says rich bureaucrats won’t take bribes or embezzle? Read your history books Gerry. Guyana has been bankrupt before. Venezuela is on the brink of bankruptcy. We are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

  6. To my understanding without a 50% raise of pay the ministers of the new government would not be doing a good job is this what we call trust and dedication to our country or it all about money or the PNC is just refreshing the people of Guyana memories of the 28 years it took them to destroy this country.

  7. The tongue twists to allow the flow of the soop not soup. These people, all of them are a pack of ??????

    The first consideration should have been the ordinary man, the ordinary man who so many times wants to buy a loaf of bread but cannot he simply has to look at the and say no, this money to pay passage, the ordinary man who wants to make two roti, but cannot because flour so dare, the ordinary man who has to buy a of pound sugar for a family of five. What did this man get, a mere 5%. Lets do the math, how far can this 5% go.

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON THESE MINISTERS if they accept this 50% increase which is 45% more, but in actuality is about 80% – 90% more.

    YOU ministers need to pray for your souls to be saved. Also those who support the increase.
    Seriously, pray for the Hand of God to deliver you, all of you.
    Look at yourselves and ask yourselves, what if I was an ordinary man struggling to make it to feed my family, how would I feel.

    Mr. Granger you betrayed our trust. We supported you and Mr. Khemraj and this is how you repay us.

  8. Gerry you must be out of your mind to justify this 50% pay hike in such a short time. I understand that we must pay for professional services however what have these ministers accomplished in less than 5 months to deserve this increase????

  9. Is this clown for real? Increase salary is long overdue for public servants !!! Not Ministers… He kissing ass with new government !!!

  10. Stanley you should shut u mouth u talking nonsense. You want tell me its ok after 6 weeks they deserve a raise and the rest of the hard working people dont.U are saying this group has intelligency to disregard the outcry from their supporters not to proceed with this increase. When a executive is hired salary is discuss before that and accepted not six weeks into the job you go back to your boss and tell him you want a increase. Your ass would be fired. How about the rice farmers and the cane cutters.Gerry stop sucking up. You were touring with the other boys before.

  11. jerry is an old p.n.c,pilot from the burnham era that use to fly burnham and his troops around guyana so he will support this type of adventure so his airplane will get the contract by like this government take a bid and you will see

  12. Just like any other job; they knew what the remuneration was. As they say to the Public Servants and the same goes for them- IF YOU WANT REMUNERATION EQUIVALENT TO THAT OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR, THEN GO WORK IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR.
    This coalition begged for our votes. By extension, they begged for the job. Now they commit barefaced robbery.

  13. Hamilton Green, Van West Charles, Carl Greenidge and all the other incompetents from the Burnham dictatorship that Granger is now installing all over the country have integrity? Look stop with you schuppid talk you hear.

  14. This is the reality people must face, if you want good governance that professional and intellectual skills afford, you must pay for it, and those that are employed to do so are due their just compensation the same that businesses recognize and facilitate when they employ people whether a CEO or other executive. It can well be argued that most in the previous government did not have the intellectual capacity and social graces, to add value to the Government or merit the higher salaries. We saw this in the behavior of Priya Manikchand, in what is well know as the feral blast at the American Ambassador’s residence, we saw it in the inability of the former Presidents to articulate a vision for the country, we saw it in the despicable and immoral acts of other government Ministers and more profoundly the statements of the then Attorney General Anil Nandall with the expletives in what was considered a threat to Kaieteur news. Further the poor and reckless acts of entering into agreements with unqualified contractors such as the Amelia falls road contract and many other such financial indecencies against the Nation, is the testimony that informs that unless you have qualified professionals with the intellectual capacity, integrity, and wisdom, to conduct the affairs of the state, and compensate them commensurable, you are not looking for good governance, only slaves that cannot add to or enhance the economic and social well being of the state. The last Government was an example of that. The wage increases are well justified, and deserving.. .

  15. I agree Azd, “we should pay our ministeries well so they can live and perform
    ” so what happen to every body else all the public servants don’ t they deserve to live too and be paid well what is wrong with some people! I am to understand that only ministers deserve a good life??? when is our tax paying dollars paying them what am I missing

  16. Gerry Lewis, you must be joking….or dumb. Can’t you hear the public outcry or are you too numb? What are you smoking? Your justifications are so stupid. I would have been ashamed to expose my ignorance to the public. Then again, some of you a**holes are absolutely shameless.

  17. Geary is sacking up. He definitely have vested interested. TIM ING IS AN ESSENTIAL ASPECT OF ANY DEC IS I ON. What Geary is saying is that if the Government had waited a little longer say another two or three years and let their performance yield the relevant economic base to allow an in reuse to the entire published sector which includes the Government then the decision would have been an excellent one. The Government took away monies from old people and school children to finance their own pockets. They betrayed the Public Sector and all Guyanese when they claimed that the economy could not allow any substantial increase, but turn around so quickly to fill their pockets. Now they know the treasury does not have money. They won elections on the premise that there is lots of money available and when they get into power old people children and the public sector will benefit. NowGranger and his cabinet who owes us no apology are filling their own pockets without even the benefit of a performance appraisal. Old people and children and public sector workers and all taxpayers in Guyana are financing this corporation.


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