Minister Allicock announces three more radio stations for Indigenous villages


Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock on Monday announced that the Government will be launching three more radio stations in the hinterland regions.

Allicock said communication is significant in the dispensation of information and so Government, through the guidance of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, has assented to launching more radio stations in communities where there is a communication gap.

sydney“We believe that if you have communication, you have information and if you have information that is knowledge and if you have knowledge that is power and if you have power you will have a powerful community,” he said.

Minister Allicock stated that there is a division in terms of the coastal area and the hinterland when it comes to the dispensation of information, so the Government’s goal is for all villages to be connected countrywide.  “The plan here… it is already in operation. That is why we established Radio Lethem and Radio Mabaruma,” he noted, echoing the sentiments of Prime Minister Nagamootoo that this is “just the warm up” phase.

The Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Minister further revealed that Government will be launching stations in Aishalton, Moruca and Orealla stating that they will deliver as the funding is released.

So far, Radio Lethem is being transmitted through the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN). The station was recently launched by Prime Minister Nagamootoo. The radio station which has a range of 25 miles and on a clear day, up to 35 miles, would not only serve the people of Lethem but other nearby villages, such as Nappi and St Ignatius.

Some of the programmes would be aired in the indigenous languages and translated for those who cannot speak the native tongue.

The project is the brainchild of expert broadcaster Rovin Deodat.




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