Minibus topples, students among a dozen injured – at Sarah Johanna

A scene from yesterday's accident on the East Bank of Demerara
Over a dozen persons were injured on Tuesday morning after the driver of the Route 42 minibus in which they were travelling lost control, causing the vehicle to topple several times.
The accident occurred sometime around 09:30hrs on the Sarah Johanna Public Road, East Bank Demerara (EBD). According to reports, the minibus was heading to Georgetown at a fast rate when it reportedly suffered a blowout.
A scene from yesterday's accident on the East Bank of Demerara
A scene from yesterday’s accident at Sarah Johanna, East Bank Demerara

This caused the bus to topple several times before finally coming to a halt on the other side of the road. While there was no fatality, the accident caused most of the passengers to sustain bruises while three persons were seriously injured.

The injured passengers were rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, EBD. Several persons remained at the medical facility seeking medical attention while a few were transferred to Georgetown to be further treated.
INews understands that among the passengers in the bus at the time of the accident were six students of Friendship Secondary School. A staff member from the school related that the students went to school after the incident; some limping and others in pain and informed the administration about the accident.
“The Police then came to the school and advice us to bring the students here at Diamond to get checked out,” the official said.
Fortunately, none of the students was seriously injured; however, they did complain about being hard hit about their bodies.
Meanwhile, the driver of the minibus has since been taken into Police custody and is assisting with the investigations.


  1. The traffic chief should make it compulsory for every mini bus to have a notice inside visible to all passenges stating that should this vehicle exceed 30 or 50 km please report to the police immediately.and affix tele numbers for police stations along the route the bus is traversing so that passengers can call and report at the actual time and if possible for the police to stop the bus and make the revelant charges.


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