Minibus, taxi parks to be ‘relocated’ from downtown Georgetown – M&CC


The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has requested patience and tolerance from commuters as they work to regularise a meaningful minibus, taxi system in Georgetown.

The Town Clerk Mr Royston King, and his Officers, are currently working on plans for a bus shuttling system that will see all mini-buses and taxis exiting the city centre and busy commercial hubs.

bus park“Currently, minibuses and taxis are parked some distance beyond their former Stabroek Market parks, but the traffic congestion situation is still very evident,” the M&CC said in a statement. The Town Clerk said that the public will soon be eased of this situation, “since it is clear that the city, particularly the commercial hubs, can no longer take the influx of commuters, vehicles, shoppers, vendors, taxi drivers and minibus.”

“The administration is thus focusing its attention on arranging parks for minibuses outside of these hubs.” The areas which include industrial site, the East Ruimveldt Market area, Upper Water Street, the Railway Embankment area, and Council lands at Woolford Avenue among other locations will house terminals for minibuses heading to particular destinations. Persons heading to the city will be shuttled.

Recognising that a shuttling system would require additional fees from commuters, the Town Clerk said that this matter is being taken into consideration.

Chief Constable, Andrew Foo opined that Georgetown is now being allowed to breathe. His ranks are responsible for the enforcement of the city By-laws and according to Foo, “they will now be playing a greater role in helping to ensure the proper management of the city.”

Citizens are reminded however, that a general cleanup and beautification campaign is ongoing in the city. The work seeks to address wanton and disorganised vending, traffic congestion, illegal or unapproved construction and continuous disregard of Council By-laws. Citizens are also reminded that they are the catalyst in ensuring Georgetown is made the cleanest and greenest in the Caribbean. The Municipality said it will keep the public posted as these matters develop.

Meanwhile, the M&CC is also  placing all container truck owners and operators on notice as it promises greater enforcement of city traffic laws.

Town Clerk Royston King said Wednesday that the administration is finalising proper enforcement mechanisms of traffic regulations and is thus reminding all operators to adhere to the laws governing their vehicular operations.

The M&CC is governed by the Municipal and District Councils Act Chapter 28:01 which provides them with much jurisdiction over the city, and its management. According to city By-laws City Hall has full responsibility for the management of traffic in the city.

In specific reference to large vehicles traversing the city, the law says, “…it is unlawful for any person to drive or propel any vehicle the weight of which laden or unladen shall exceed three tons…”

The regulation also states the specified streets and hours for which these vehicle types shall use city roadways. These heavy type vehicles are permitted to use city roadways; High Street, extending from Lamaha to Young Street,  Main Street extending from Church to Lamaha Streets and Brickdam extending from Avenue of the Republic to Vlissengen Road between the hours of 18:00hrs to 06:00 hrs (6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.). Any other route has to be notified by the Town Clerk’s office, Gazetted and published in the newspapers.

The Council urges all relevant persons to adhere to the law and welcomes them to make contact with the Municipality for further advice.



  1. If there is so much growth,move on to a new commercial capital,after all you got three new towns..

  2. Relocating the minibus and taxi hub from the present location would have an adverse economic impact on the surrounding businesses and markets vendors. Who is really making these retarded decisions?

  3. Soba beautified her office with taxpayers money instead of trying to restore the city after the 23 yrs of complete neglect and lawlessness,as long as they don’t stop your supply of bananas stop complaining,23 yrs you were silent,,Its only 5 yrs of enduring what you hate most,,being ruled be the people you love to boss around and think you are a master,,,



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