Minibus driver shot in face in execution attempt


Crime scene[] – Investigations are being conducted into an incident in which Devon Sears, 40 years, of Hadfield Street, Georgetown, was shot and injured to his jaw while driving a motor vehicle along David Street, Kitty, about 18:50 hrs on Sunday November 22, 2015.

The man has been admitted to hospital for medical attention. iNews understands that Sears was shot at point blank range in the face by a lone gunman in what appears to be an execution attempt.

According to information reaching iNews, the bus driver received a single gunshot to his left side jaw by the gunman, who was sitting behind him in the route 40 mini bus he was driving.

Eyewitnesses told iNews that Sears ran out of the vehicle after being shot. It was noted that the bus had stopped near the David and Sherriff Street junction to put off a passenger when the gunman made his move.

iNews understands that the gunman made no attempt to shoot or rob the conductor of the bus although he was sitting next to him and pointed the gun in his direction after shooting the driver.

With the gun pointing to his head, the conductor sprinted from the vehicle, leaving behind horrified passengers and some shocked onlookers.

iNews understands that the gunman had joined the bus from the Kitty bus park at the Stabroek Market and sat next to the conductor throughout the entire round trip from the Kitty market and back.



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