Mini – bus, speed boat and taxi operators urged to reduce fare


Minibus[] – The Ministry of Tourism Industry & Commerce has issued a call to service providers and producers of consumer goods to take the necessary initiative to ensure consumers benefit from the fuel reduction in an effort to ease the cost of living of Guyanese and other residents.

In this regard, the Ministry pointed out specific associations and businesses including the Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association, the Mini-Bus Operators Association, speed boat operators, taxi service, agro processors, aircraft owners associations, forest products producers, tour operators and others.

“We ask that associations representing manufacturers of goods and services take the initiative to ensure their membership and other stakeholders promptly act accordingly,” a media release from the Ministry noted.

Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh on January 19 announced reductions in prices for gasoline, diesel and kerosene at the Guyana Oil Company (Guyoil) Stations.

Gas price have been reduced from $995per gallon to $695, representing a 30% reduction. Diesel price was also reduced by 30%, from $985 to $694 and Kerosene saw a reduction of 42%, from $850 to $496.




  1. The minister just giving out “hot air”…he knows very well that nothing will reduce…its bigger than he thinks…electricity bills will have to drop etc….and it is now operatives (boat, mini bus, taxi etc.) are now on a level play field having to deal with high spare parts prices….it would even be better for oil prices to go down more so that operatives can see a livable profit….ITS REALLY BIGGER THAN WHAT PEOPLE THINK

  2. Good to no that at least one government minister no that cost of living high in guyana and we have so many natural resources. U should also call on spare parts dealers to reduce their prices


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