Miners raise concerns with mining association


Miners are once again complaining bitterly about the lack of availability of lands with reserves and problems that they encounter with the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) as well as the state of the interior roads and access to mining claims.

mining gThese are some of the issues that were highlighted during a series of meetings between the Guyana Gold and Diamond Ministers Association (GGDMA) and miners from Regions One, Seven and Eight during the past few months.

According to a media statement from the GGDMA today, other issues which are affecting the miners in these regions are the absence of a Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) office in some areas, the absence of a Gold Board at Mahdia, Region Eight and the need for the establishing of an ‘equipment pool’ for small scale miners.

INews understands that some major issues which are having a direct negative impact on miners on all scales include, gold buyers are not issuing receipts for the gold sold and the payment is “below world market prices” for minerals purchased, as well as the inaccessibility of duty free concessions.

In light of the cries by the many miners, the GGDMA has made a record of all the complaints and committed to having them addressed during upcoming meetings with the Natural Resources Ministry and the GGMC and to continue to fervently lobby for all miners in an inclusive manner.

“During the meeting (with miners), the Association also stressed the need for miners to address their tax status and urged them to become tax compliant, explaining that many of the concessions which they seek are available only to miners who are tax compliant. To this end the GGDMA wishes to advise miners to contact the association directly for assistance in addressing such issues. Additionally, miners were urged to be even more observant of safety practices and laws and to exercise extra care in the handling and use of Mercury to ensure there is no contamination of the water ways,” the press release stated.





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