Miner stabbed to death during scuffle at Puruni Landing


A miner was in the wee hours of this morning stabbed to death while imbibing at the Puruni Landing, Mazaruni River, Region Seven.

The dead man has been identified as 22-year-old Errol ‘Glasgow’ Thomas of Port Kaituma, North West District (NWD).

Based on reports received, between midnight and 2:30h, the victim and a group of men were imbibing alcohol at Puruni Landing when and argument broke out between him and the suspect.

The argument escalated into a scuffle during which the suspect allegedly armed himself with a broken bottle and stabbed Thomas several time to his throat and neck.

Thomas reportedly collapsed and died almost immediately while the suspect escaped from the scene and went into hiding. Thomas’ body was taken to the Bartica Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post mortem.

The police have since launched a manhunt for the suspect.