Miner stabbed to death after going to woman’s aid   


A miner was on Wednesday evening stabbed at least 12 times after he intervened in an argument between his colleague and woman at Takutu Landing, Puruni Road, Mazaruni River.

The dead man has been identified only as “Black Boy”, while the suspect is a 37-year-old miner of Enterprise, Lower Pomeroon River.

Based on information received, on the day in question at about 20:30h, the now dead man and the suspect were consuming alcohol at a popular shop in the area.

At 01:20h, it is alleged that the suspect concealed himself in the sleeping quarters of a female employee unknowing to her. As she entered, she was confronted by the man and she raised an alarm. The woman and the suspect were however engaged in a heated argument and it was this time the victim intervened, held onto the suspect’s shirt and pulled him out of the room.

The woman reportedly went back into her sleeping quarters and left the two men arguing in front of the shop.

Inews understands that about five minutes later, the woman heard a commotion and upon checking, saw “Black Boy” lying on his back in a pool of blood and motionless. Upon inquiring, the suspect admitted that he stabbed the man with a bayonet for tearing his shirt.

Police have since confirmed that the victim was stabbed 12 times to the back. The suspected murder weapon was recovered at the scene and taken as evidence.

“Black Boy’s” body was transported to the Bartica Regional Hospital Mortuary where it awaits a post-mortem examination. The suspect is expected to be charged with the heinous crime.