Miner shot, robbed allegedly by weed handler on Cemetery road


Police are investigating an alleged robbery under arms committed on a 23-year-old miner by his weed handler on Friday evening as he was in the vicinity of Cemetery Road, Georgetown.

The victim has been identified as a resident of Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Based on information received, the incident occurred at about 21:15h.

Enquiries revealed that the victim visited his handler at his Freeman Street, East La Penitence home and they left together to visit an area in Cemetery road to purchase marijuana.

Whilst in the area, the suspect allegedly asked the miner for $3,000 to purchase the weed.

However, as the young man was in the process of taking out his money to give to the handler, the East La Penitence resident reportedly whipped out a gun and discharged a round in the air.

The miner said that at that time, he was not aware of whom had fired a gun but he began running with the handler at his heels.

The miner recalled stumbling and falling to the ground when the handler went to him -holding the gun- and snatched off his gold chain- valued at $98,000-, and relived him of $80,000 in cash before discharging another round in the air and a third at the miner’s right shoulder, before fleeing the scene.

The miner was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was treated and is presently in a stable condition.

This publication was informed that police are investigating the matter.



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