Miner miraculously survives after being buried alive in 85ft pit

Kevin Henry
Kevin Henry
Kevin Henry

[www.inewsguyana.com] –Kevin Henry, a 23-year-old miner of West Bury, Essequibo Coast is presently recovering after he survived being buried under 85ft of rubble for a short period.

The incident took place over a week ago at Barama in the North West District, Region One (Barima-Waini). Henry recalled that he was working when he became acutely aware of shouts from his co-workers warning him that the pit was collapsing.

The father of one explained that despite his best efforts, the rubble was too much and he was trapped underneath and subsequently lost consciousness.

Henry told iNews that it was after sometime that his colleagues were able to recover his limpid body which led them to fear the worst.

He noted that it was only after he was being transported to a medical facility that he regained consciousness – which was approximately 90 minutes after his body was removed from the pit.

Hengry says he is grateful to be alive.