Miner found dead at Puruni River



Police are investigating the alleged murder of Tyrone Thomas, whose body was on September 6 discovered at Thomas Island, Puruni River in Region Seven.

Thomas, of Charity, Essequibo Coast, is suspected to have been murdered between September 1 and 6.

Investigations revealed that Thomas had been working as a miner on a land dredge which is located on Thomas Island.

According to the owner of the dredge, on August 16, 2020 he left Thomas and another worker, a Brazilian National, in the camp.

About one week ago, he said he received a phone call from Thomas who informed him that the Brazilian national had left the camp.

The owner also informed the police that on September 5, at around 19:00hrs, himself along with two other new workers, whom he brought from Georgetown, went to the camp but upon their arrival, they did not see Thomas.

The following day about 07:00hrs, the owner claimed that he smelt a stench from Puruni River close ti his camp and went to investigate.

He eventually observed the body of the miner wrapped in a multicolored hammock stuck besides a tree in the river.

Police ranks, upon visiting the scene, observed that the hands and legs of the victim were bound and a gaping wound above the right eye.

The body is currently at the Bartica Public Hospital Mortuary awaiting a Post-mortem Examination.

Investigations are continuing.