Miner chopped during argument with man in Rum Shop

The injured Alfro Harris.
The injured Alfro Harris.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Twenty Seven – year – old Alfro Harris of Hymacobra Village, Moruca, North West District was chopped several times about his body at Big Hope Backdam, Buck Hall, Essequibo River on Saturday night, October 19.

The Miner was said to be imbibing at a shop in the area when the incident occurred. Reports from the mining area indicate that Harris and his friends were sitting at a table when a man, who was also under the influence of alcohol, shone a bright light in his eyes.

The seriously injured miner speaking from his bed at the Suddie Hospital on Sunday said he asked the man to desist which led to an argument. It was during this that the man whipped out a cutlass and chopped Harris several times about the body.

Harris was chopped on both hands. He was picked up by his friends and rushed to the Suddie Hospital where he was admitted. Police are investigating the incident. [Rajendra Prabhulall]



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