Miner accused of fraud gets bail


A miner found himself before the Court on Wednesday after he allegedly failed to return funds obtained following the sale of car parts to its owner.

Joseph Garraway, 30, of Hadfield Street, Georgetown denied the allegation that he sold $1.17M worth of Mercedes car parts entrusted to him by Claremont Cummings between June 1 and 15, 2015, but failed to return funds obtained from the said sale.

Cummings is claiming that Garraway misappropriated the property and converted same to his own use and benefits.

However, Attorney for the accused, George Thomas told the Court that a third party was involved who the parts were sold to.

That person reportedly failed to pay Garraway for the parts which in turn caused the defendant to be unable to return the said proceeds to the Virtual Complainant (VC). As a result of this, Thomas asked for his client to be granted his pretrial liberty.

Police Prosecutor, Annalisa Brummel objected to this citing the gravity of the charge since the witnesses and the VC are known to the defendant.

Magistrate Faith McGusty who the case appeared before however, placed Garraway on $100,000 bail but ordered that he to lodge his travel documents with the Court and report to the Brickdam Police Station every other Friday.

The matter was set down to continue on February 13, 2019.



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