Min. Persaud talks domestic violence, child abuse issues with Police


In a bid to strengthen collaboration between the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security and the Guyana Police Force (GPF), Minister Vindhya Persaud on Wednesday held discussions with Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken.

Minister Persaud pursued this meeting because she wanted to discuss issues related to domestic violence, one of the biggest concerns of the Ministry at the moment. Having a better response to the issue and forming partnerships for effective approaches to this and other social ills were deliberated.

The Ministry is intensifying its prevention, awareness and intervention campaign against domestic violence and abuse through a series of strategic collaborative programs with critical stakeholders.

“For Guyana to achieve success in eradicating domestic violence and abuse against women and children, an objective analysis of the inefficiencies and gaps must guide programs, policies and interventions,” Minister Persaud has expressed recently.

The Spotlight Initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry, is the channel through which many of these initiatives will be carried out.

The discussions were especially significant with the launch of two significant collaborations imminent. The GPF will collaborate with the Child Care and protection Agency to give intense focus to children’s safety and to reduce abuse and children on the streets being open to danger and risks.

The meeting also dealt with Minister Persaud’s recent visit to Baramita, in Region One (Barima/Waini), and how the GPF can better assist the Ministry to address the issues there.

“We want to build a strong connection with Baramita and help the community to rise,” Minister Persaud had said of Baramita lately as she listened to reports of high cases of suicide, drugs, alcohol consumption, child sexual abuse and incest.

She had called on all involved, including the police, to work together in addressing the serious problems of the community.

Minister Persaud had also urged: “People will only develop confidence in you if you do something about their concerns; not if they have to keep coming back to voice the same complaints over and over. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to the real work.”

Meanwhile, also at the meeting were Permanent Secretary Anjanie Ramlall and Director of Child Services Ann Greene.