Middle Street fire leaves 2 homeless


Police are now investigating the cause of a fire in Middle Street, Georgetown earlier this afternoon, which has now left two persons homeless.

Based on reports received, the incident occurred around 14:00hrs on Sunday, as the owner of the lot 183 Middle Street, Georgetown home was eating mangoes in front of his two story wooden and concrete house.

The man, Colin Clarke told Inews that while he was standing in front of his yard, he noticed smoke coming from behind the house but wasn’t alarmed “because [he] didn’t think it was coming from [his] home.”

Colin Clarke

However, as time passed and the smoke got thicker, Clarkes said that he walked towards the entrance of his home but found that it was blanketed by fire.

He explained that he tried with all his might to enter the home in order to retrieve his belongings.

Clarke, who subsequently called the fire service just before alerting his neighbours related that nothing in the home could have been saved.

Fire fighters and neighbours worked diligently to contain the fire

Public spirited persons came out and formed a bucket brigade in an attempt to save his home, he said, while noting that even though the members of the Guyana Fire Service worked diligently to save his home, it was completely destroyed by the disastrous blaze.

Inews understands that the fire may have started in a bedroom in the bottom flat of the house.

Clarke’s wife, with whom he lives, was at church when the incident occurred.


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