Mibicuri man suspected of killing missing wife, leads officers to her grave

Sunildatt Balack

A police suspect this morning led ranks to where he reportedly buried his wife in the backyard of the home they shared together in Mibicuri, North Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Berbice.

This is according to Police “B” Division Commander, Ian Amsterdam who told Inews that the discovery of what appeared to be human remains were found this morning at approximately 10:15hrs.
The suspect, Sunildatt Balack, 45, and his mistress, whose identity has not been disclosed, are reportedly in police custody assisting with investigations into the alleged murder of Balack’s wife, Lilwanttie Balack.
Remains suspected to be that of Lilwanttie Balack were reportedly found in backyard of the home she once shared with her husband
Media reports had outlined that the relatives of Lilwanttie Balack told police that she (Balack) had been missing for approximately seven months.
It was also reported that the dead woman’s husband allegedly provided several different stories to police about the disappearance of his wife, one of which reportedly indicated that she had left the country.
However, family members became suspicious after the suspect moved another woman into the house he and his now dead wife shared. That woman was identified as his mistress who he reportedly was having an affair with for several months.
Persons told police that they failed to report their suspicions sooner since they were afraid of the suspect, Sunildatt Balack.
Nevertheless, after such a lengthy period of not seeing or hearing from Lilwanttie, relatives told police their theories.
As such, the suspected murderer was apprehended and taken into police custody on Thursday night where he reportedly confessed to the crime.
Neighbours congregating after the police cordoned off the area where the woman’s body was found


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