MFK murder: Police Sergeant to stand trial in High Court

Police Sergeant Leon Lindo

Police Sergeant Leon Lindo was committed to stand trial in the High Court for conspiring to commit murder after he was last year accused of conspiring to kill MFK Trading owner, Mohamed F Khan.

He appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman who told him that a prima facie case was made out against him.

Police Sergeant Leon Lindo

She added that the court was satisfied, given the evidence provided, that the accused conspired to commit murder, and as such, he would be tried in the High Court.

However, before the ruling was handed down, Lindo told the court that he was innocent of the allegation, calling prosecution witness and murder accused in the matter, Lennox Wayne a “liar” for accusing him of such actions.

An investigation was launched by the Police after Wayne, called “Two Colours”, provided them with a statement in which he claimed that he and Lindo conspired to murder Khan.

Dead: Mohamed F Khan

The 54-year-old Khan had earlier escaped another execution when a gunman, who turned out to be Wayne, shot him in his abdomen after he had just returned to Guyana following a brief holiday.

Wayne had claimed that he was contracted by Lindo to kill Khan for a fee of half a million dollars.

However, there was a falling-out between the two after Lindo reportedly failed to honour his end of the bargain when the execution failed.

Following the execution attempt, the businessman went missing; however, a month later his dismembered body was found wrapped in a bag with his skull some distance away.

Lindo, who has been a serving member of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) for 23 years and a father of three, has always maintained his innocence during the PI at the Magistrates’ Court.


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