Meten – Meer – Zorg residents bemoan state of the community


By Kurt Campbell

The current condition of the cemetery in the community. [iNews' Photo]
The current condition of the cemetery in the community. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Several Residents of Railway View Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara have threatened to change their votes at the next General and Regional Elections if solutions to their anguish and wretchedness are not met soon.

Residents met with Chairperson of the Utivlugt/Tuschen Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) Chandrowtie Sarran on Tuesday September 1, where they expressed concerns over issues ranging from the upsurge in criminal activities in the community and the many breading grounds for such acts including abandoned buildings and cemeteries that have been taken over by bushes to the improper disposal of garbage and the absence of street lights.

The residents decided to vent their frustrations, following the invasion of gunmen in the community on Monday.

“They come and tell you anything when they want your vote and when they win they don’t care” on resident said.

Another resident when questioned what action will be taken if a solution is not met soon added, “I will change my vote, we want change.”

The last General and Regional Election were held in November 2011 with the next election not expected until 2016.

While some residents have expressed satisfaction with the responses they received from the chairperson, other say it is nothing but talk. However, they remain patient in the promise of a solution.

Sarran told iNews that she has committed to making representation to the Guyana Power and light (GPL) for residents to have street lights, noting that it is too expensive for the council to sustain.

She said contracts have already been awarded for the weeding of the cemetery and the cleaning of drains and trench with works expected to commence soon.

She is pleading to residents to identify to the council those persons who are guilty of the offense of indiscriminate dumping of garbage so that they can face the law and as a result change their culture in that regard.

Sarran says the council remains open to working with residents in addressing issues affecting them and urge that they not wait until tragedy strikes before issues are brought to the council’s attention.

Only last week, a man was shot dead when gunmen invaded his home in the community, an incident which preceded the shooting to death of another bandit on Monday last.

 Chairperson, Chandrowtie Sarran
Chairperson, Chandrowtie Sarran

Residents have expressed fear over the growing increase in criminal activity in the community and blamed the absence of street lights, abandoned building and bushy fields as contributors to encouraging such an environment. They are calling on the relevant authorities to take action now.



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