‘Media workers should be fearless’ – GPA’s response to treatment of reporters by Health Min

President of the GPA, Gordon Moseley.

President of the Guyana Press Association (GPA), Gordon Moseley is encouraging media workers in Guyana to be fearless when executing their duties, and not to be intimidated by any Government Minister or official.

When asked by iNews for the GPA’s response to a report carried in the Sunday Kaieteur News which stated that ‘Health Minister chases media from Guyana/Suriname signing,’ Moseley said, “I’ve always encouraged officials to be more respectful of the work that our media workers do and they [media and officials] must be tolerant towards each other.”

The Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsaran reportedly revoked an invitation to the media on Saturday July 13, for which neither he nor his Ministry was responsible.

His only involvement or that of his Ministry with respect to the engagement was the provision of transportation for the members of the media for the signing of an agreement between Guyana and Suriname, which took place in Skeldon.

According to reports, two reporters from GINA, two from Guyana Times, one from MTV, two from NCN and one from the Guyana Chronicle, were kicked out by Ramsaran.

The GPA President reiterated that media workers should not be easily cowed of government officials.

“A lot of the young reporters are afraid of the officials. But when you have these ‘independent’ media houses not being too independent, then we will end up with situations like this,” Moseley said.

He also noted that journalists should have respect for themselves and the work they do, and eventually that respect will be returned.



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