McKinnon tops shooting field at Practical Pistol Competition

The winners of the competition. [iNews' Photo]


The winners of the competition. [iNews' Photo]
The winners of the competition. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Ryan Mckinnon shot his way to the inaugural Practical Pistol title on Saturday (October 25) which was held at the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Timehri Ranges.

Mckinnon scored a total of 223.84 points to win the event ahead of David Dharry, who scored 217.91 points. Vidushi finished in third with 182.81 points.

The competition had three stages with the first being called ‘Condiments’ where the shooters were required to hold a bowl and a salt-shaker before the start signal was heard, after which he/she had to engage 5 targets while avoiding penalty targets. If the penalty targets were hit, a subtraction of -10 points per hit would have been the result.

The second stage which was called ‘Gangway’ was the longest stage as well as adjudged the most fun as it consisted of 12 targets and two falling plates, some of which were hidden behind screens and behind penalty targets.

This stage required shooters to engage targets while on the move as well with an added degree of difficulty of reloading their guns in an effort to cut their overall time.

The third and final stage named ‘Coconut’ saw shooters creatively dropping a coconut they were required to hold for the start position.

The mobility of competitors was tested since the second shooting position was a short sprint downrange before being able to see the other targets which were positioned behind hardcover screens and penalty targets.

Secretary of the GSSF, Steve Ninvalle commended the shooters at the closing ceremony while thanking the Trophy Stall for their sponsorship.


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