M&CC sends warning to property tax defaulters…threatens to publish names


The Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is threatening to publish the names of those delinquent companies and individuals with outstanding tax payments to the Council.

In a statement yesterday, the M&CC expressed its concern that several businesses within the capital city continue to disregard their civic obligation to ensure the payment of their property taxes.

tax1Despite the Council recently winning some $300 million in judgement against some businesses for failing to honour their responsibilities, the Council said it was still experiencing immense difficulty in getting property owners to pay their dues to the Georgetown municipality.

“Council is owed more than $2 billion in property taxes,” the statement revealed. M&CC Public Relations Officer Debra Lewis explained that this sum has accumulated over long periods of time since persons have blatantly disregarded the law.

“The Council intends to pursue all legal options available to the Municipality through the Municipal and District Councils Act, Chapter 28:01,” she stated, adding that this would include “parate execution”, which is a debt recovery process under the law.

According to Lewis, “some businesses have seemingly divorced themselves from their obligations and it is highly regrettable that it must reach to this stage.”

Moreover, the Council said it was also working feverishly to have proper valuation and re-valuations so that the sums property owners pay reflect the true value of their property.

The M&CC has long been battling with taxpayers who default on paying their rates and taxes with some property owners owing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Council revealed in September last year that about 300 businesses were in default.




  1. M&CC sends warning to property tax defaulters…threatens to publish names.
    Everyone knows you will publish the names of one set of people while another set are too big for you to go after..
    What you at city hall must do is get the audit done by international people then give the names and data on all tax cheats and let them name and shame them.
    Bet life on that–none at ciry hall will go for that…WHY? City Hall people want to name and shame one set of minor defaulters…City Hall dare not go after one set of defaulters because they are too big and enjoying PNC good life


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