M&CC removes Giftland parking signs


Marking signs attached to the access road and compound of the Giftland Mall were removed by the City Council on Friday. These signs include Diplomatic Parking allocations and parking notices that were installed for the benefit and safety of staff and customers of the mall. The signs were removed to facilitate access to construction sites in the area.

Giftland Parking Signs Removed
Giftland Parking Signs Removed

A delegation of guards and workers of the City Council were sent to Giftland Mall at noon on Friday to detach and remove the parking signs from the compound without any prior notice. This led the management of the mall, in a statement to the media, to conclude that the action by City Hall is anti-business; as creating a safety hazard may affect their customers.

This incident has caused the management of the mall to place special attention on the actions of the City Council. Given the current uproar regarding parking meters in the city and disapproval thrown at the Council for this initiative, the mall is suspicious of the actions on the Council’s behalf as a result of their current free parking campaign.



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