Mayor’s retort: An intervention was required, I have no apologies for that- CoI Chair

Mayor Patricia Chase-Greene testifying before the CoI. Also in photo is Commissioner, Justice Cecil Kennard

Retired Justice Cecil Kennard on Monday clarified that he is standing by his words that were used against Mayor Patricia Chase-Greene during her cross-examination at the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) that is currently ongoing into the financial affairs of City Hall.

Kennard, who is the Chairman of the Commission, stated that the Mayor was questioning the laywer, Everton Singh-Lammy instead of answering the questions that were asked.

“I wish to make certain issues abundantly clear. In relation to the issue with the Mayor when she was being cross-examined by Mr Lammy…Instead of asking questions, she was asking questions of the lawyer and she continued to prattle, not listening to what the lawyer was saying [and] asking her.”

He stated that at that time, an intervention was required to which he responded, “I said at that stage, ‘Madam, shut up and listen’….I have no apology for making that statement.”

The retired Justice reassured that he will continue to conduct a proper investigation and in no point in time, has he ever been biased or will ever be.

Justice Kennard has been a lawyer for 56 years and during that time, he also served as State Counsel, High Court Judge, Justice of Appeal and Chancellor of the Judiciary.

“I intend to act in accordance with the evidence that has been led and will be led,” said the holder of the Order of Roraima (OR) and Cacique Crown of Honour (CCH).

Mayor Chase-Greene, appeared before the CoI on Friday last to answer to the disqualified no-confidence motion that was filed against the Town Clerk and in that progression, was also cautioned about the tone that was used during her witness statement.


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