Mayors installed in NA, Rose Hall

Chattregoon Ramnauth, New Mayor of Rose Hall

New Councillors were on Monday installed in two of the three Municipalities in Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne).

The Town of Rose Hall has both a new Mayor and Deputy while New Amsterdam has a new Deputy after Winifred Haywood was re-elected as Mayor.

The new Mayor of Rose Hall is Chattregoon Ramnauth and Deonauth Harrynarine is his deputy.

The new Mayor of Rose Hall Town says high on list list of priorities will be to ensure the Town has an improved garbage collection system.

According to Mayor Ramnauth the Town has communal garbage bins but they are insufficient. Efforts he told this publication will be made to acquire more.

“The garbage collection system has to be more effective,” he said.

Ramnauth also said that the Council will not be increasing property taxes under his tenure as Mayor.

However, several streets will be rehabilitated along with the drains. Before any of this can be done the 2019 budget proposals will have to be executed.

“When rain falls some streets and drains floods so we have to make up these drains and streets so the people can enjoy a good life.”

The Mayor said a plan to ensure that residents pay their property taxes at the existing rates; a campaign will be launched in January next year. He said financial statements of the Council’s accounts will be printed and placed at prominent locations as from next year.

Ramnauth said he is looking forward to the cooperation and support of all Councillors.

The full council is Ramnauth; Mayor, Harrynarine; Deputy, Arthur Fraser, Roydel Lewis, Elvis Punch, Vedwatie Ramnarine, Arjune Sammy, Rakhram Srikishen, David Fraser, Winston Hole, Boybert Bisram, Gaitree Sheonarine, Igram Rodney, Dave Budhu and Sandra Chisholm.

Meanwhile, lead Councillor for the Opposition; A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Winston Hope congratulated the new Mayor and Deputy.

Hope said the APNU side of the house are there to work together for the development of the town. He said they will support any program which they think will benefit residents of the town.

“We will like to see democracy, accountability and respect for the rule of law prevail in this Council,” he told his colleagues.

APNU has five Councillors and the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) eleven.

Winifred Haywood was re-elected as Mayor

Meanwhile, in New Amsterdam (NA) Winifred Haywood was re-elected as Mayor while the Town has a new Deputy Mayor in Wainright McIntouch.

APNU has ten seats on the council, the PPP three and the Alliance For Change (AFC) one.

The full council is Pullian Shultz, Buster Wright, Sheenta Lambert, Quacy Isaacs, Zabarally Armogan, Olga Stephens, Patrica Lynch, Winifred Haywood, Esan Vanderstoop, Keith Myers, Wainright McIntouch, Nalini Tahal and Kirk Fraser.

Mayor Haywood said it is her hope that the new Councillors will serve faithfully.

“When I look at the makeup of these Councillors I feel honored because of the ability that is coming in here because of the various skills that you are bringing to this table… When you took the oath you said that you were willing to serve faithfully to the best of your ability.”


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