Mayor threatens to shut down city businesses over outstanding taxes

Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine
Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine

Even with an amnesty programme ongoing, many city businesses have failed to come forward to settle their outstanding taxes with the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC).

Mayor Ubraj Narine says City Hall will consider shutting down those businesses who fail to pay up.

“The only way I can see a way forward without the court’s involvement is to shut the businesses them down,” Mayor Narine told INews, explaining that the court process will be too costly and lengthy.

“But bear in mind these things cannot happen overnight. These things only can happen when we have the right system in place,” he explained.

In order for the City Council to take these actions, a clear policy or bylaw to this effect needs to be established.

“We are elected directors and councilors of the city and we have to start making those moves,” Mayor Narine said.

The Georgetown Mayor had previously disclosed that over 140 city businesses owed taxes, dating back years and amounting to millions of dollars.

During the interview today, he reiterated his frustration over this situation.

“There are people who owe taxes way 20 and 23 years back. Millions of dollars right, there are people who owe the city in total of some eight million dollars. You know if we get that money, we can transform the city,” Mayor Narine emphasised.

“If we don’t work together; we will continue to blame City Hall. But don’t blame City Hall, you have to blame yourself as well,” he added.