Mayor says in excess of $200 million needed to restore City Hall


Georgetown Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green, has said that in excess of $200 million is need to rehabilitate City Hall.

According to the Mayor, there are plans to be implemented with respect to the entire rehabilitation of the building. Chase-Green said though support was offered from the European Union, it was announced in a meeting that the tenders which the Mayor and City Council would have sent to them proved to be inadequate, and so a retendering was required.

“We were offered some assistance from the European Union and they would have said to us in a recent meeting that the tenders that were sent in did not meet the requirements for the European Union and so they have to do a retendering,” she asserted.

City Hall in Georgetown
City Hall in Georgetown

The Mayor highlighted that there were discussions with the World Monument Funding Agency, Guyana Heritage Society and the National Trust, which also gave assurances of their support after a review of the building, indicating that repairs should be conducted in the near future. She pointed out that presently, the wait is on for a thorough report from the organisations along with recommendations on each phase of the restoration process, after which the rehabilitation works will commence.

“I would have also received a visit from the World Monument Funding Agency, the Heritage Society and the National Trust. They have also pledged some support. They visited the building and they said to us that the structure needs some repairs and we should do it as early as possible so I’m awaiting the report from the World Monument Fund, and the Heritage Society, National Trust to be forwarded to me and they would also recommend the phases in which the restorations would be made” said the Mayor.

Though she pointed out that there was no fixed estimate for the overall cost of the restoration of the City Hall, Mayor Chase- Green said it was an approximation of over $200 million, since it was a matter of good quality and adequate quantity.





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