Master Plan for Zoological Park revealed

A presentation of the plan being done by Commissioner of the Protected Areas Commission, Damien Fernandes.

IMG_0060The Zoo Park master plan was finally unveiled last evening [Tuesday July 16] at the National Park. The plan was revealed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment in collaboration with the Protected Areas Commission, Beharry Group of Companies and Conservation International.

The plan for the development of the Guyana Zoo was done under the Three Parks Initiative, which is a project on upgrade of facilities and enhancement of security in the urban parks in Georgetown.

Delivering brief remarks at the event was Environment Minister, Robert Persaud, who explained that work has been ongoing in developing all of the parks in Guyana.

He stated that government has already committed close $150M for works to be executed on the Zoological Park and other facilities which have been neglected over the years.

“It’s a very attractive programme and also some of the ideas are groundbreaking as to what we do with our parks and the resources that we’ve so far committed will not be enough, hence why need to have corporate and other groupings come here,” Persaud told the gathering.

The plan will also see the beginning of a long term effort to modernize and transform the Zoo by implementing the highest international standards in Zoo animal welfare and by allowing Guyanese and visitors to connect with the rich natural world that exists beyond the limits of Guyana’s urban landscape.

A presentation of the plan was done by Commissioner of the Protected Areas Commission, Damien Fernandes.



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