Massy launches Colombian coffee under Grace brand


Massy Distribution on Tuesday officially launched its newest product – multi-flavoured pure Colombian coffee under its Grace brand.

The simple launching ceremony was held at the Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Georgetown, where attendees had a firsthand opportunity to sample the new product.

In brief remarks, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Navin Thakur shared the reason for the product while adding that it is different from the many others on the market.

“So when this one came along, we had some discussions with Grace. We resisted it at first but after we tasted it and so, we said this is really good. It distinguishes from other instant coffees because the drying process, other coffee is heated five times and grace is two, so that way it doesn’t damage the flavour,” he said.

The Grace Coffee is 100 per cent Colombian coffee and is naturally freeze-dried to preserve the flavour and aroma to make an even more perfect cup of coffee.

Guyanese are being urged to try the newest coffee, since it comes in 5 different flavours which are Vanilla, Amaretto, Irish, Caramel and Regular, which is also available in decaf.

Massy Distribution is the sole distributor of the product and it can be found at supermarkets countrywide. Grace coffees are available in sizes of 50g, 100g, and 200g.