Massive sensitization campaign needed for Ebola, Chikungunya Virus – APNU

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By Tracey Khan – Drakes

 Shadow Health Minister Dr. George Norton.
Shadow Health Minister Dr. George Norton.

[] – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is calling on the Ministry of Health to take a more proactive role as it relates to containing any possible outbreak or even cases of the Ebola virus, since there have been reports that the disease has hit some parts of the Caribbean Region.

At the party’s weekly press conference on Friday, August 15, APNU Parliamentarian Dr. George Norton emphasized that educating the people of this disease is the only way to prevent any implications. He also cited proper border control practices as another means.

“One of the ways of controlling this disease is education, that is letting the public know and they can be informed about this disease and its symptoms,” Dr Norton told reporters.

The Party also believes that the Health Ministry has the capacity to deal with this disease and just needs to put systems in place from now to deal with any reported or suspected cases.

‎He blamed lack of education as the reason for the Chikungunya outbreak here and stated that the number of persons with the mosquito borne virus is being played down by Government.

The Party was questioned as to whether it is helping Government to fight the spread of the Chikungunya virus, to which Dr Norton responded: “We have been indirectly, not directly making suggestions and advise to Ministry of Health of systems they could put in place so that at least that which is lacking at the moment can be remedied.”

The Health Ministry has signaled its proactive approach to deal with the Ebola virus after the World Health Organization met with a number of countries and highlighted systems that can be put in place.

The Ministry stated that a number of systems that are in place are being strengthened to ensure infected persons do not enter the country.



  1. Guyana is not equipped to fight a single case of Ebola.
    Travel restrictions to Africa should be done immediately.
    People going or coming from there should be quarantined as a precaution if need be. There are over 1200 cases and survival rate is below 50%. Besides there is not a known cure or a vaccine presently available.
    Chances for rich North American countries to have cases of Ebola are high given volume of travel.
    Guyana population is very small and a sizable amount can be wiped out in a hurry!


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