Massive security arrangements in place for GuyExpo 2014

Commander of the 'A' Division, Clifton Hicken. [iNews' Photo]


By Leroy Smith

Commander of the 'A' Division, Clifton Hicken. [iNews' Photo]
Commander of the ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Guyana Police Force is sending a strong warning to persons that no amount of violence and lawlessness would be tolerated during the annual GuyExpo 2014 which is slated to commence, today, Thursday, October 02.

To ensure safety for all, the Police Force has adopted several new approaches to deal with the traffic, crowd and security concerns.

Commander of the ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken, Acting Deputy Commander Wayne De Hearte and No.2 Sub Divisional Officer Kalicharan Parshram made a final site visit to the exhibition site ahead of today’s official opening of the four day event.

Hicken told iNews that there would be a zero tolerance approach to firearms entering the premises and advised patrons to lodge their weapons at the police outpost located at the exhibition site or the nearest police station.

He said that persons will be profiled before entering the facility as part of an accountability method.

In addition to that, the police in A Division will be collaborating with the ranks in ‘C’ Division where they will manage check points along Dennis Street.

The police will be patrolling the GuyExpo facility and its surrounding with the use of off road vehicles, ranks on motorcycles and foot as well as roving patrols through the streets in the Campbellville area to ensure persons walking or driving to the facility are not discomforted by persons with criminal intents.

The Commander made it clear that the presence of ranks at the event would not in any way hamper the normal security posture in the other parts of the ‘A’ Division.

Also speaking to iNews were Mr De Hearte and Parshram who both commented on the better security arrangement that the police have implemented this year. Parshram urged the patrons to show up early for the event so that the rush usually associated with the ticket purchases and security checks can be smoothly dealt with.



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